HVA-BR Weibo Consistency Instrument

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HVA-BR Weibo Consistency Instrument

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  • HVA-BR Weibo Consistency Instrument
    Mainly used for the determination of dry concrete with the aggregate diameter not greater than 40mm and Weibo consistency value is between 5-30 seconds. It complies with the requirements of GB / T 50080, JG/T248-2009, JG / T 250-2009, JB3043, SL352, ASTMC143, JTG E30, and BS1881 Standards.

    Main Technical Parameters:
    No-load Amplitude of Vibrating Table (Including Container)      0.5mm
    Frequency of Vibrating Table                                                            50Hz
    VB Weight in Experiments                                                                 2750g±20g
    VC Weight in Experiments                                                                 7500g±50g
    Improved VC Weight in Experiments                                               8700g±50g
    Slump Cone (Top Diameter *Bottom Diameter *Height)            φ100×φ200×300mm
    Power                                                                                                     380V、50Hz、250W
    Net Weight                                                                                             ≈30kg
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