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B packaging machine packaging accessories than the length meter than the surface meter O
C extractor P dilatometer crusher
D Q Intensity Meter
E R softening point
F boiling box S Hydration Heat Meter Screening Analyzer Other Mortar Instruments Other Cement Accessories Gypsum Instruments
G penetrometer and other road instruments T elastic modulus meter stripper
H gas content oven scratch test machine U
J compactor mixer W universal machine temperature and humidity control Weibo consistency
K impermeability tester other concrete instruments X
L tensile bending testing machine Ray's clip fluidity meter Road strength meter Y grinder curing box linoleum instrument pressure (bending) testing machine
M Marshall Apparatus Abrasion Tester Bleeding Tester Z vibrating sieve machine needle penetration instrument vibrating table extensometer
Blender JJ-5 type NJ-160A type NRJ-411A SJ-15 type (mortar) HJW-6O type
  NJB-30 NJB-50      
Marshall instrument MW-30 type MW-50 type      
Ray's clamp LD-50 type LJ-175 type (Ray's clip)      
Surface meter SBT-127 type DBT-127 type      
Boiling box FZ-31A type        
Grinder f175        
Mobility meter NLD-3        
Heat of Hydration Meter SHR-650I        
Other cement accessories Cement compression fixture 40mm×40mm Cement flexural test mold 40×40×160mm  
  Cement anti-bending fixture 40×40×160mm Cement Standard Consistency and Setting Time Tester   
  test mill SM-500 water measuring device  LS-170 JJ-268
  cement standard sieve        
Shaker Shaker ZT-1×1 GZ-85/75 type ZH.DG-80 type  
  Cement Mortar Vibrator ZS-15 type vibrating mill ZDM-1 type  
Curing box SY-84 model HBY-30/40A type JYZ-700 type HBY-III type  
Compaction instrument STJ-Ⅱ type ZLJ-I type LJ-22 MDJ-4536 DJS-150
Linoleum Instruments Linoleum impermeability tester YB type      
Other Mortar Instruments Mortar digital display setting time tester SN-100 type ZKS-100 type Mortar consistency meter SC-145 type
Impact Strength Tester KCJ-50        
Elastic modulus meter Concrete elastic modulus meter TM-Ⅱ type      
Stripper DT-50 type STM-125 type      
Gravity meter BC156-300        
Extensometer LY-20A type        
Weber consistency VBR-1 type VBR-Ⅱ type      
Sieve Analyzer SF-150 type 50A      
Impermeability instrument SJS-1.5 SJS-1.5S HS-4 type HS-4S type  
Softening point meter LRY-35A type        
Temperature and humidity control HBY-III type        
Universal machine Microcomputer control WEW-100/300/600/1000 type hydraulic WE-100B/300B/600B/1000B    
  Electronic (LCD) WED-100A/300A/600A/1000A electronic (digital) WED-100/300/600/1000 type    
Universal testing machine
  WE-600B type    
Abrasion testing machine TMS-04        
Abrasion testing machine MGL-5 type        
Scratch testing machine MHH-5 type        
Tensile testing machine LWS-100 LD-5 type      
Crusher/crusher PE60×100 type        
Gas content meter HC-7L type HC-7S type      
Needle penetrometer LZY-50 type LZY-50A type      
Other road instruments stone crushing tester Swing friction coefficient tester BM-I type    
  mixer LHB-10 type DB-10    
  Concrete drilling and coring machine HZ-15 type Electric constant temperature water tank DHC-57 type  
  Mortar Density Meter   Mortar Stratification Tester    
  Gyratory compactor XY-1 type Liquid plastic limit tester SYS-I  
Automatic packaging machine Rotary six-mouth/eight-mouth electronic scale Rotary six-mouth/eight-mouth mechanical scale Fixed two-mouth mechanical scale Fixed two-mouth electronic scale  
Other packing accessories Pneumatic switch valve Electric flow control valve Inflatable Screw Gate    
  Vibrating bag cleaning machine ZQ-800 type Special unloading belt conveyor XD-800 type  
  manual gate SZ-400 type Breaker PB-400 type  
  Shaker Me1000x2500 Vertical divider wheel feed valve LSF-120 type  
  Cement bag straightening machine LS-800 type Drive roller table GD-680 type  
Vibrating screen machine DBS-300 type        
Extractor LLC-15 type LZC-20 type      
Bleeding instrument SY-2        
Dilatometer HSP—540 HSP-355 type      
Penetrometer HG-1000 type HG-1000S type      
Oven Type 85        
Lu Qiangyi LQ-100 type        
Other concrete instruments Concrete Rapid Determination Test Mold   Concrete Compression Test Mold MHA-100/150/200 cubic meters  
  Triple Concrete Trial Form MHA3-100 Cube      
  Needle gauge   Anti-pull instrument KB-150  
Plaster instrument Gypsum loose bulk density tester RZ-100 Consistency meter CHD-50  
  Board core and protective paper bonder NJ-2 Anti-bending machine TYE-6B  
  Gypsum board wedge edge depth gauge XL-10 Gypsum board thickness tester BH-30  
  Fire performance tester XB-0620 brick cutting machine QZ-60