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Model-SJ mortar mixer

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Model SJ—15 mortar mixer
To correspond the Ministry of National Development’s ‘Standards of Construction Mortar Basic Performance Test Methods’(JGJ70-90), this special equipment is designed for construction companies, universities and colleges, research institutions and quality inspection departments to test building mortar materials as a mechanical rabble. It is also suitable for man-made marble or other powder mixing works. 
Because the puddler turning clockwise while the churn turning anticlockwise, this equipment has several excellences, such as even agitation, short mix time, high efficiency, convenient operation.

Technical Parameters
1、Puddler: 2 levels 4pieces×45o
2、Puddler turning diameter: Φ200mm
3、Puddler turning speed(clockweise): 80±4r/min
4、Churn turning speed(anticlockwise): 60±2r/min
5、Churn capacity: 28L
6、Churn output capacity: 15L
7、Churn inner diameter: 380mm
8、Churn depth: 250mm
9、Puddler and churn clearance: 2±0.5mm

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