TYE-10C cement - rubber sand compressive testing machine

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TYE-10C cement - rubber sand compressive testing machine

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This testing machine is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of t0506-2005 in GB/ t17671-1999 and "highway engineering cement concrete test code".It is suitable for testing the compressive strength of cement sand.
This equipment for automatic constant load control, USES the high accuracy signal conditioner and 32-bit ARM microprocessor and other new technology, to the force value of measured data used by microprocessor based on the requirements for processing, printing, data storage, data transmission network, data network, and other functions, and can control operation on the microcomputer end test.Compared with the ordinary electric folding machine, it has the advantages of high precision, compact structure, simple operation, quick operation and computer operation.It is an indispensable testing equipment for cement plant, construction engineering unit, product quality supervision and inspection station, college and university, etc.
I. main parameters.
1. The power supply AC220V/50Hz(±10%)
2. MWP maximum working pressure 10kN
3. loading speed 50N/s±5 N/s
4. relative error of indicating value <±1%
5. The relative variation of the indicated value < 1%
6. Nonlinear and repeatability error ≤+1%
7. gauge fuse 1A
8. Check Paper Size 57mm wide (thermal printer paper)
9. working atmosphere Room temperature -10 ~ 40;Relative humidity is 30% ~ 85%.
10. external dimension 500mm×365mm×710mm
11. suttle 65kg


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