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Hs-4 concrete anti-seepage apparatus.








  • Description
    • Commodity name: Hs-4 concrete anti-seepage apparatus.
    • Commodity ID: 1131521097615429632


    Hs-4 concrete anti-seepage apparatus.
    Scope of application
    Concrete is a widely used artificial stone in modern architecture.For certain buildings, such as hydraulic structures, underwater, underwater, underground and other construction projects, the buildings are required to have special properties -- anti-permeability.
    The so-called "anti-permeability" means that the materials used in the structure can resist the permeability of water or other liquids (light oil and heavy oil) under pressure.
    The hs-4 anti-seepage apparatus is mainly used in the test of concrete anti-seepage performance and the determination of anti-permeability label.It can also be used for the measurement and quality inspection of air permeability of building materials.Therefore, it has been widely used in production, construction, design, teaching and research departments.
    HS - 4 s permeability instrument: same as the normal function, its main characteristic is pressure value by sensors in the pressure shown on the display, and can realize the automatic booster terms of the process, completion test, reduce the financial burden on workers.
    The hs-4 and hs-4s anti-seepage instruments are in accordance with the standard requirements of GB/ t50081-2002 standard for mechanical performance test of ordinary concrete, t0528-94, gbj81-85, etc.
    Main technical parameters
    1. Maximum working pressure: 4MPa.
    2. Working mode: automatic constant pressure.
    3. Number of samples: 6.
    4. Sample size (also called main mode)
    Cavity (diameter: 174.8 mm Φ
    Under the cavity mouth diameter: Φ 185 mm
    Height: 153 mm
    Requirement for forming geometry size (also known as submodule)
    Top diameter: 175 mm Φ
    The mouth diameter: 185 mm Φ
    Height: 150 mm
    5. Plunger pump parameters:
    Traffic: 0.16 L/min
    6. Motor:
    Power: 120 w
    Power: 380 v - 50 hz
    7. Dimensions: 950 * 800 * 950mm.
    8. Quality: approximately 220kg.