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Contact: Gu Zhuyun, Xu Hong           TEL:(0510)88275668            FAX:(0510)88275118
Address: 8 Chunyang (E), Fangqian, New district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People`s Republic of China        Postcode:214111

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R / D Manufacturing

design center


For years, we aim to deploy a market-focused organization that develops and delivers high quality
products and services to satisfy customers. By continuously developing the mechanotronics
products, extending the service area, optimizing the product mix, we have created our unique
product features. We employ sufficient workers, including quite a few experienced technicians. We
have casting, cold welding, heat treatment, metal processing, and assembly workshops, all
cooperate with research & development centre to develop construction instrument and mechanical
products. Moreover, we govern the Wuxi Pulefeier Metal Decoration Material Co., Ltd., a Sino-
Holland joint venture company.
We have several production equipments of different size with annual production capacity: several
tons of casting, hundreds of hours of metal processing, several tons of heat treatment and several
tons of cold welding. We devoted to the R&D of our products, and gathered abundant design and
production experiences. By using the advanced technology and equipments, and being assisted by
the advanced CAD technology, our manufacture ability and product quality are the leading
standard of the industry. We are confident to satisfy all the different needs of customers.


processing center


general assembly workshop


general assembly workshop