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Tel: 0510-88275668
Fax: 0510-88275118
Contact: Gu Zhuyun, Xu Hong
Sales Phone: 0510-88277700
Sales Fax: 0510-88271558
Address: 8 Chunyang (E), Fangqian, New district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People`s Republic of China
P.C.: 214111
E-mail: wxjianyi@wxjy.com

Contact: Gu Zhuyun, Xu Hong           TEL:(0510)88275668            FAX:(0510)88275118
Address: 8 Chunyang (E), Fangqian, New district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People`s Republic of China        Postcode:214111

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B wrapping machine Accessories comparator Than the level indicator O
C bitumen P dilatometer crusher
D Q intensity meter
E R softening point
F Boiling in box S The hydration heat meter Sieve analysis instrument Other mortar instruments. Other cement fittings Gypsum instrument
G penetrometer Other road instruments T Elastic modulus meter stripper
H gas content oven Scratch test machine U
J compaction test apparatus blender W YLSK Humidity control D cuny consistency
K Permeability instrument Other concrete instruments X
L Bending tester Redwood clip Koka flow tester Road is strong instrument Y grinding miller curing box Linoleum instrument Pressure (folding) testing machine
M marshall stability apparatus abrader Secrete water meter Z sieve shaker The needle into the instrument vibrostand extension meter

blender JJ-5 model NJ-160A model NRJ-411A SJ—15 model(mortar) HJW-6O model
  NJB-30 NJB-50      
marshall stability apparatus MW-30 model MW-50 model      
Redwood clamp meter LD-50 model LJ-175 model (rev's clip)      
Than the level indicator SBT-127 model DBT-127 model      
Boiling in box FZ-31A model        
lapping machine; grinder φ175        
Koka flow tester NLD-3 model        
The hydration heat meter SHR-650I        
Other cement fittings Cement compression clamp 40mm×40mm Cement resistance test mode 40×40×160mm  
  Cement folding clamp 40×40×160mm Cement standard consistency and setting time meter  
  Test to grind SM-500 water meter LS-170 JJ-268
  cement standard screen        
vibrostand vibrostand ZT-1×1 GZ-85/75 model ZH.DG-80 model  
  Cement sand vibration platform ZS-15 model vibromill ZDM-1 model  
curing box SY-84 model HBY-30/40A model JYZ-700 model HBY-III model  
compaction test apparatus STJ-Ⅱ model ZLJ-I model LJ-22 MDJ-4536 DJS-150
Linoleum instrument The linoleum is not permeable YB model      
Other mortar instruments The time measuring instrument for the digital display of mortar SN-100 model ZKS-100 model mortar consistometer SC-145 model
Impact strength tester KCJ-50        
Elastic modulus meter Concrete elastic modulus meter TM—Ⅱmodel      
depanner DT-50 model STM-125 model      
comparator BC156-300        
extension meter LY-20A model        
D cuny consistency VBR-1 model VBR-Ⅱ model      
Sieve analysis instrument SF-150 model 50A      
Permeability instrument SJS-1.5 SJS-1.5S HS-4 model HS-4S model  
Softening point meter LRY-35A model        
Humidity control HBY-III model        
Universal machine microprocessor control WEW-100/300/600/1000 model hydraulic type WE-100B/300B/600B/1000B    
  Electronic (liquid crystal) WED-100A/300A/600A/1000A Electronic (digital) WED-100/300/600/1000 model    
universal material testing machine
  WE-600B model    
abrasion machine TMS-04        
abrader MGL-5 model        
Scratch test machine MHH-5 model        
Bending tester LWS-100 LD-5 model      
Crusher/crusher PE60×100 model        
containing air HC-7L model HC-7S model      
penetrometer LZY-50 model LZY-50A model      
Other road instruments Rock crushing value tester Oscillating friction coefficient meter BM—I model    
  amalgamator LHB-10 model DB-10    
  Concrete drilling coring machine HZ-15 model Water Bath DHC-57 model  
  Slurry density meter   Slurry stratification meter    
  gyratory compactor XY-1 model liquid-plastic combine tester SYS-I  
automatic packaging unit Rotary nozzle/Eight-point electronic balance Rotary nozzle/Eight-billed mechanical scale Fixed two-mouth mechanical scale Fixed two-mouth electronic scale  
Other packing accessories Pneumatic on-off valve Electric flow control valve Pneumatic screw brake    
  Vibrating cleaning press ZQ-800 model Special unloading belt machine XD-800 model  
  hand door SZ-400 model Broken machine PB-400 model  
  riddle Me1000x2500 Vertical split wheel feeding valve LSF-120 model  
  Cement bag straightening machine LS-800 model live-roller gear GD-680 model  
sieve shaker DBS-300 model        
bitumen LLC-15 model LZC-20 model      
Secrete water meter SY-2        
dilatometer HSP—540 HSP-355 model      
penetrometer HG-1000 model HG-1000S model      
oven 85 model        
Road is strong instrument LQ-100 model        
Other concrete instruments Concrete rapid determination of specimen   Concrete compression test mode MHA-100/150/200 立方米  
  Triplex concrete test module MHA3-100 cubic      
  needle lamellar alidade   Tension meter KB-150  
Gypsum instrument The gypsum loose-bulk weight tester RZ-100 consistometer CHD-50  
  The board core and the paper bonding instrument NJ-2 bending tester TYE-6B  
  Plasterboard wedge-shaped edge depth meter XL-10 Gypsum board thickness tester BH-30  
  Fire resistance tester XB-0620 brick cutter QZ-60