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Tel: 0510-88275668
Fax: 0510-88275118
Contact: Gu Zhuyun, Xu Hong
Sales Phone: 0510-88277700
Sales Fax: 0510-88271558
Address: 8 Chunyang (E), Fangqian, New district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People`s Republic of China
P.C.: 214111
E-mail: wxjianyi@wxjy.com

Contact: Gu Zhuyun, Xu Hong           TEL:(0510)88275668            FAX:(0510)88275118
Address: 8 Chunyang (E), Fangqian, New district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People`s Republic of China        Postcode:214111

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Company profile

Wuxi Jianyi Instrument & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Jianyi Instrument & Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly Wuxi Building Material
Instrument & Works, found in 1958, is one of the major enterprises under the
State Administration of Building Material Industry. In Oct. 2003, to support Wuxi
city expansion, the company moved from Wuxi Xin Beiqiao to its new address:
No. 8 Chunyang Road (East), Fangqian, Wuxi New District. It is specialized in
manufacturing: cement, concrete and asphalt testing instruments, building
material physical test apparatus, road construction material testing equipments,
cement packing machines, raw meal blending and kiln feeding systems, and bulk
cement loading equipments etc. With the long history, complete set of products,
high technology content and workmanship, the company enjoys good reputation
and has been authorized to operate Import/Export business. Its products are
popular in both domestic and international markets.


The company has excellent working facilities and environment, comprehensive measuring and inspection means, and strong
technical support. It has established a quality system for the whole process of design, raw material and auxiliary parts
procurement, production, assembling, inspection, packing and servicing. It has been granted the ISO9001: 2015Quality System
Certificate and Certificate for Measurement Assurance. With its dozens of patents, the company has also been approbated as
Innovative Company recently.

The company has set up more than 20 branches all over the country and other two subsidiary companies, 

Wuxi Jinyi Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. (Main products: Universal testing machines, tensile testing machines and non-metallic testing machines)

Wuxi Farui Instrument Co., Ltd. (Main products: Asphalt and gypsum testing apparatus). 

Adhering to the principles of quality first and clients first, we are able to design and manufacture products according to customer
requirements and provide the best after sale service.


Main characteristics:

· Mature quality assurance system

·Experienced research and development department

·Highly precision and efficient manufacture equipments

·Reliable and durable products

·Excellent business credit record

· Ability to satisfy different customer needs

Quality system certification:ISO9001:2015

Product safety certification:all the products are up to the national GB standard, JC standard,and some of the products are to the ASTM standard.